Prideaux Place

Come and stay at Little Egret and visit beautiful Prideaux Place! We have a week available from Saturday 20th April £970. Prideaux Place is a stunning Elizabethan manor which overlooks a deer park. Prideaux Place opens on Easter Sunday 21st April and you can do a tour of the house Sunday -Thursday and enjoy a delicious lunch or cream tea in the grounds at The Terrace café.

Prideaux Place has been the home of the Prideaux – Brune family for over 400 years, the house is very interesting and has treasures, portaits and antique furniture in abundance.

Rosamunde Pilcher’s romantic novel, “Coming Home” featured Prideaux Place. Fans of her books worldwide visit Prideaux Place, she is especially popular in Germany as the National TV station, ZDF has produced more than 100 of her stories.

Winston Graham, the author of Poldark was a great friend of the Prideaux – Brune family and was a frequent visitor to Prideaux Place, he worked on his final novel, Bella Poldark at Prideaux Place, if you visit the house you can see his writing desk! In the latest adaptation of Poldark the spectacular headland at Stepper Point, at the mouth of the Camel Estuary,  part of the Prideaux -Brune estate, was used for some dramatic cliff scenes of horse drawn carriages hurtling across the cliff tops!

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