May Day in Padstow – Obby Oss

war memorial padstow

We went to the annual Obby Oss celebrations on May day for the first time, we absolutely loved it all! What a spectacle and such fun, everyone was in a joyous mood, the whole of Padstow erupted with a fanfare of dance and music, you can’t get the beat out of your head for days!

No-one seems to know or care where the actual origins of the Obby Oss come from some say it is a pagan rite to welcome the Spring, others that it is a fertility celebration.  Just go and have fun!

Padstow looked beautiful in May as it does all year round. We cycled on the Camel Trail to Bodmin and back and had lunch at Rojano’s which was delicious. We waked off the lunch up to Padstow church and then up the hill and down into town and up to the war memorial and sat awhile admiring the views from a bench..lovely!

padstow church