Walking around Padstow

Padstow is fantastic for walking all year round there is always something new to see and marvel at it is a little piece of paradise!

I love this digger parked on the edge of the Camel Estuary in Padstow right at the beginning of the Camel Trail, it was there for ages unattended, my grandson loved it and wanted to get up into the cab!


A walk through Padstow up past the War Memorial and beyond towards Stepper Point and Hawker’s Cove is an amazing scenic feast, look back over Padstow and Rock and the stunning Camel Estuary, these beautiful wild flowers were such a pretty sight!


 Boats, boats everywhere in Padstow and Rock!


This is the fabulous view of boats on the Camel Estuary from my 4 star Gold holiday rental accommodation, Little Egret!


Mad fools going nowhere on paddleboards! Again viewed from Little Egret balcony!


Porthilly View road sign now in Cornish! I wonder what Little Egret is in Cornish?